Small Businesses Struggle With Regulations

Small Business Struggles with Regulations

A recent article I read states that small businesses struggle with regulations and that it costs them $83k. The article breaks down the leading causes in a succinct list. The list includes: Complexity of the rules The cost of compliance with the rules Difficulty of interpreting and understanding the rules The volume of existing rules […]

How Regulations Hurt Small Businesses in California

Regulations Hurt Small Businesses

Regulations hurt small businesses in California. Minimum wage continues to grow, which simultaneously raise costs on businesses and harms many low-wage workers and consumers.  California is also pursuing regulations that would reduce the viability of Uber and Lyft, the popular ride-for-hire services revolutionizing how people commute. These regulations are just two of California’s many regulatory orders that […]

Reasons to Instagram for Small Business

Instagram for Small Business

Instagram for small business–a topic many small business owners just don’t understand, but really should. There are 12 reasons to Instagram for small business. An examination of these 12 reasons should make any small business owner jump on the Instagram bandwagon. Instagram allows you to reach 100% of your followers while Facebook only allows you […]

WUOC01 – Small Business Resources – Business Catalyst Consulting and Switchbox Media

WUOC01-Small Business Resources

Mike’s Takeaway In this very first episode of What’s Up Orange County, I talk to Henry Choi from Switchbox Media and with Daniele Avedian and Jaime Gilles from Business Catalyst Consulting. These interviews actually relate directly to one another. During his interview, Henry lists his biggest challenge as not having enough resources to do what […]

There is Power in Numbers

There is Power in Numbers

There is power in numbers. We’ve all heard this. As someone seeking to win a public office election, I can tell you that this is very true. The message I have was not being heard until I got numbers on my side. As soon as that happened, my message began to spread like wildfire. It […]