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WUOC01-Small Business Resources

WUOC01 – Small Business Resources – Business Catalyst Consulting and Switchbox Media

WUOC01-Small Business Resources

Mike's Takeaway

In this very first episode of What's Up Orange County, I talk to Henry Choi from Switchbox Media and with Daniele Avedian and Jaime Gilles from Business Catalyst Consulting. These interviews actually relate directly to one another. During his interview, Henry lists his biggest challenge as not having enough resources to do what he needs to do. Business Catalyst Consulting specializes in finding the resources that can assist a small business. Seems like a match made in heaven!

As a small business owner myself, I can tell you that time is one resource that is never in abundance. I work from a task list and I am always just going from task to task without any time for anything else. My days are packed full of appointments. It got so bad that we recently hired a virtual assistant to help us with some of the smaller tasks that take up lots of our valuable time. I believe small business owners need to get creative when running their business. They need to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses and fill in the gaps with the appropriate resources. This is why they say it takes money to make money. Small business resources like those discussed in today's episode are invaluable to the owners of small businesses.

It is definitely a struggle to find the right resources when running a small business. I personally think that what Business Catalyst Consulting is doing is brilliant. I plan to work closely with them on their efforts to help small businesses find the resources they require. It is a tough time here in California and we need every edge we can get. Now give this episode a listen.

WARNING! The audio in the first part of this episode is horrible. I cleaned it up the best I could, but I just can't make it as clean as I'd like and i want Henry to be heard, so I made the decision to release it.

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Episode 01 Summary

Henry Choi with Switchbox Media.

Henry Choi
Henry Choi

Henry work with clients running Facebook advertising. Switchbox Media is a digital marketing company. They are aiming to help clients increase their sales. Nenry's biggest barrier is how to connect with local business owners who are not using social media.

The things that he can't do now, but he would like to. He wants to be able to go out and meet people in person. He lacks the resources to do that. His time is eaten up by other work.

Henry can be reached at Henry is offering a free trial of his Facebook marketing services. The only cost to you will be your ad spend.

Business Catalyst Consulting – Daniele Avedian and Jaime Gilles

Jamie Gilles

Daneile Avedian

What they do is work with small businesses to connect them to the resources they need. They work closely with their clients to help them reach their goals. They wind up helping both sides of the business relationship. They find their resources based upon people they've worked with in the past. They are a known commodity to Catalyst. They feel marketing is the toughest aspect of small businesses. Business Catalyst Consulting is on the web at

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