Keyboard Warriors Ruined Social Media

Keyboard warriors have ruined social media and I am not sure it can be saved. Rude behavior, selfish attitudes, and the lack of truthful information have become the downfall of social media. This downfall has been accelerated by the keyboard warriors who spread false information. Mike talks about why those people bother him, and it […]

How to Take Care of a Zoo

How to take care of a zoo

With as many pets as we have, it is sometimes a job to take care of them. We affectionately refer to our pets as “The Zoo” and have spoken about them on our podcast, The Nightly Rant. We love our pets and would do anything to keep them happy! Come along on the journey through […]

Update: Going to School During a Pandemic

Going to School During a Pandemic

Going to School The school has been closed for more than a month. In a previous video ( we discussed how much of a disaster remote school was. Here we are 1 month later and we get two different perspectives from two students who live together half the time. One is a high school senior […]

How to Lose Weight During a Pandemic

How to Lose Weight During a Pandemic

Losing Weight Losing weight is hard enough in normal times, but even harder during a pandemic. No gym means it is harder to find variety in your training. Mike explains how the lack of gym time has been affecting him. Losing weight depends upon fooling your body with a variety of exercises. That is exponentially […]

Are We Giving Up Our Constitutional Rights?

Are we giving up our constitutional rights?

When the pandemic hit in early March, the United States Government and most states instituted a lockdown on the citizens. In many states it became illegal to leave your home for non-essential reasons. Why are people so willing to give up their constitutional rights? Why did we allow our government to destroy the economy at […]

Why The Zoo is So Happy

Why is the Zoo So Happy

We affectionately refer to all our pets as “The Zoo” and in this video, we explain why The Zoo is happier after our recent move to a new place. We show you how they interact during the day and what we are doing during the quarantine. Watch the Vlog here.

Going to School During a Pandemic

With the spread of the coronavirus, schools in California are remote throughout the rest of this school year. In this episode, Mike lets you in on what life is like going to school during a pandemic. All of the frustrations that go along with this issue are discussed. Several guest interviews appear as they discuss […]

Government Inconsistency During the Pandemic

The government's response to the pandemic is inconsistent.

Mike’s daughter comes to visit from Australia. Her experience in customs at Los Angeles International Airport has revealed some major inconsistencies with the government’s handling of the pandemic. Mike gives you his insight on these issues, including some not very popular opinions. Traveling During the Pandemic! Come with me as I go to the airport. […]

How to Survive Grocery Shopping During a Pandemic

How to survive grocery shopping during a pandemic

The current lockdown in the State of California has people panic buying groceries and other essential items. The actions of those hoarding supplies and food are having a dire effect on the communities. Grocery Shopping During a Pandemic! Come with me as I do a grocery run during the pandemic. This is my very first […]

The Economic Importance of Small Businesses

The Economic Importance of Small Businesses

While small businesses do not generate as much revenue as large corporations, they are extremely important to the United States’ economy. This economic importance can be seen in many ways. Small businesses contribute in a large way to the job market and the tax revenues used in local communities to fund schools and other publicly […]