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Politics Micahel's WayMichael is a strong proponent of personal liberty. As the host of the podcast, Liberty Revealed, Michael explains personal liberty in a clear and concise way, using his own pragmatic flair to get the message across.

The Thoughts area of this site will give you more insight into Michael's thinking. He is a true thought leader, coming to his own conclusions about the issues after careful review of the facts. He is extremely pragmatic, understanding that while a Libertarian society would be utopia, we must live with other ideologies and govern alongside them. This separates Michael from many Libertarians who the general public would proclaim “wear tin foil hats” as his ideology is Libertarianism mixed with pragmatic thinking. 

While not at all politically motivated, Michael's personal vlogs, MJM Vlogs, often reflect his political ideology as it relates to day-to day living.

Michael is a person who prefers facts over emotions, so you may find yourself vehemently disagreeing with him on the issues, and that is OK, but you should also realize that he is not your enemy. He is always looking for the common ground with people he talks to. His sarcasm and bluntness is not always appreciated, but his consistency is something most people do not exhibit and is admired by many.

California Libertarian Party

Political ActivismMichael believes that too many people spend their time on social media complaining and not enough people actually do anything. This is why Michael stays active in his community, advocating for many different issues. Again, his pragmatic approach may put off some Libertarians, but if they think it through, this exposure is what the party needs.

Michael's activism includes:

  • Candidate, Orange County Supervisor
  • Candidate, Cypress City Council
  • Candidate, Cypress Board of Trustees
  • Measure M Citizen's Oversight Committee (Vice-Chair)
  • Ground support for Cypress City Council candidate, Robert Johnson.
  • PTA Board Member for more than 15 years.
  • Delegate – California Libertarian Party
  • Working to oppose the California Gas Tax initiative.
  • Working to get a Libertarian into the office of Governor of California.
  • Ground support for multiple Libertarian candidates for US Congress
  • California social media manager – Johnson/Weld for President Campaign
  • Orange County representative – Jorgensen/Cohen for President Campaign
  • Strategist – Recall Sunny Park from Buena Park City Council
  • Small Business Advocate (CEO of Advocates Network for Small Business)
  • Board Member – Alfresco Gardens (homeless advocacy)
  • Working to uncover corruption in local government
  • Founder – Purely Politics
  • Host – Liberty Revealed podcast

Reminder About Partisan Politics

Michael is very public about the fact that he despises partisan politics. He goes so far as to state that he will never vote for a Republican or a Democrat. Why continue to vote for the same groups when they continue to lead us down a path towards destruction? That is literally the definition of insanity!

Michael would like you to consider joining him in this pledge. Please don't give us the “Your vote for a Libertarian is a vote for <insert name here>” because that assumes we would have voted for one of the other candidates had we not voted for the Libertarian. That's false. 

It is not a waste to vote third-party. Imagine if every single person who despises Joe Biden and Donald Trump voted for the Libertarian candidate instead of choosing “the lesser of two evils”?

Join Michael's Activism Efforts